With over 30 years of experience in environmental applications, numerous systems in operation around the world, and many industry references, Power Flex has become a reliable partner for the industry in Denmark.  With our own production and standard applications from Conductix-Wampfler our high quality products meets the demands and standards needed for the  harsh conditions and aggressive atmosphere and provide long life time with low maintenance costs. We deliver and produce energy solutions for water treatment equipment such as wastewater clarifiers, filtration systems, and solar sludge drying systems require very rugged energy and data transmission systems. Our solutions includes motor driven Cable Reels, which can be employed to manage power and control cables for longitudinal clarifiers. Spring driven Cable Reels which can be used to manage shorter power and control  cables for longitudinal clarifiers and are in use to power solar sludge drying systems (along with  festoon systems and conductor rails). Festoon Systems, which provide management for cables that power longitudinal clarifiers, sludge drying equipment, and other moving machinery. Slip Ring Assemblies, which transfer power and control signals to the rotating parts of circular clarifiers. ATEX certified slip rings are available for hazardous, explosion-proof locations. Conductor Rails which can be applied to power either longitudinal clarifiers or curved into  slip rings for circular clarifiers.

Måløv Wastewater Plant