Power Flex knows that a successful theatrical performance features dynamic interplay between actors, stage components and the audience.  This interplay are enhanced by moveable stages, moveable lighting battens and lighted acoustic panels which all requires power and control signals to the moving parts.  Cables for moving audio systems must be managed. Scenery wagons require electrical supply to junction boxes and interlocks. Control signals and data bus signals are needed for stage lifts. Mobile media towers in the wings require energy supply and control for spotlights, transmission of audio signals, and other necessary energy and data transfer.

With a combined experience of more than 80 years in the industry of stage technology Power Flex and Conductix-Wampfler provide reliable and effective solutions. Besides our high quality products which includes spring-driven and  Motor-driven Cable Reels, Festoon System, Conductor Rails and Slip Ring Assemblies, we also provide project planning, service and on-site commissioning.

Our reliable, flexible and customized solutions are highly suitable to transfer energy and data, above and below stages on theaters. In order to ensure the experience for the audience our motor cable reels have a reduced level of motor noise and they can be delivered in the color black. Combined with festoon systems customers get a very high flexibility – very suitable for mobile stages. We also supply DMX optical fiber cable reels & Cat5E/Cat6A Ethernet cable aimed for high demands in stage technology.