Power Flex and Conductix-Wampfler offers solutions to all sizes of ports – from small river ports to specialized seaports that handle bulk materials, break bulk, special cargo, Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) or containers. Our offered solutions depends on the type of goods handled in the ports and to all material handling machines such as cranes, loaders, and unloaders which needs high quality solutions to efficiently manage  logistics within the port’s operations. Continuous use of these equipment’s requires reliable solutions to be able to operate in very harsh environments. Power Flex and Conductix-Wampfler provides not only reliable solutions but are also providing solutions to meet the ever increasing requirements for “green” ports and environmental friendly handling facilities, where port operators will continue to convert combustion engines to electric drives.

With more than three decades of experience in this industry – Power Flex and Conductix-Wampfler offers customized solutions for port cranes and material handling equipment and other machinery. We offer reliable solutions and a strong after sales and servicing team support to our customers. Our solutions are developed to match our customers’ needs and includes:

Motor-Driven Reels – provides a reliable and practical solution to manage cables for the long travel of cranes, ship loaders/un-loaders and as a more specialized solution, which is to provide “E-Shore” power to connect ships to an onshore power source.

Cable Festoon Systems – motorized and non-motorized festoon systems manage cables for crane cross travel, traditional but extremely reliable and durable.
Conductor Rails – efficiently provide power for crane cross travel – with the addition of dedicated rails for multiplexed data transfer.
Energy Guiding Chains – manage multiple power and control cables for crane cross travel on cranes.
Slip Rings and Fiber Optic Transmitters – provide uninterrupted energy and data transmission for all rotating machines, including harbor cranes and cable reels.
Cable Protection Systems – guaranty a safe cable handling and cable protection.
Spring-Driven Cable Reels – used for portable power in maintenance areas.