It is essential for the mining operators that their solutions for provides a safe and reliable power in dusty, harsh and sometimes explosive environments. Due to these circumstances, mining machines work continuously in very demanding conditions, and often require high voltages. Large scale excavation equipment for open-cut mines, such as electric power shovels and large scale conveyors, require trailing, level-wind cable reels and  slip rings at the rotating joints. Moreover – equipment used for hard rock and underground mining not only requires compact cable management systems there is also a need for mobile power for shotcrete machines, blast-hole drills, ceiling bolters, and other underground equipment.

For continuous mining operations, Power Flex and Conductix-Wampfler offers years of experience and field-proven, customized solutions for all types of mining equipment and machinery. With sales to one of the leading suppliers of production facilities, equipment and service solutions to the cement and mining industries we have achieved a vast experience and a global network of sales and engineering facilities and strong after-sales and servicing teams support our customers in their global activities.  Motor-Driven Cable Reels – powered by electric or hydraulic drives to manage long-travel power cables for large open-cut mining excavators and drill and blast machines. Our motorized reels include robust and reliable slip ring assemblies to provide continuous power and are in use to handle cables for transfer cars and other raw material transports.