A fire breaking out in a warehouse can be one of the real nightmare scenarios for a business, so it is no surprise that organisations are keen to minimise the risk of warehouse fires. It is not just the threat of losing expensive business equipment and stock, warehouse fires also endanger the lives of staff and put people at risk of injuries. It is vital for companies to take their fire safety seriously especially in a warehouse environment. And one of the best ways to do this is to prevent them entirely. To do so, you need to have a good idea of what actually causes warehouse fires to occur, so that you can put measures in place to minimise the risk. Over the past decades, Power Flex has developed firefighting and fire preventing units in buildings that not only reduce the risk of fires occurring and uncontrollably, leading to the risk of injury to people, property and the surrounding environment, but also minimize damages in case of fire. This reduces the risk of large values ​​being destroyed. In a high warehouse, there is a special risk of rapid fire spread in the vertical direction in combination with high room height / stacking height. Therefore, a fire that occurs in the lower part of the warehouse can quickly spread to the upper part. The issue with fires started in low region of a warehouse is that that the sprinkler system is not yet triggered. Sprinkler systems are designed to control a fire, but not necessarily extinguish it, as there are often less sheltered areas that do not apply water. This applies to both ‘confinement’ and ‘suppression’ mode sprinkler systems. That is why Power Flex has developed a method for extinguishing fires in areas that a sprinkler system cannot reach.


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