Power-Flex A/S and Conductix-Wampfler are the leading specialists in servicing both commercial and military airports. We design, calculate, advise and construct a wide range of state-of-the-art products for gates, hangars systems and service stations. Power Flex supplies mine strip drums, spring cable drums and pop-up pit systems for airports around the world.

Globalization has greatly increased business travel and encouraged tourism around the globe. As a result, airport and gate operators are seeking ways to increase the efficiency of airport systems to handle more passengers. Two areas of particular interest are baggage handling systems and airplane gate turnaround.  Baggage systems are being pushed to higher levels of productivity, requiring them to run faster and longer per day. Increased baggage throughput places higher demands on the handling system and its components. For conventional baggage systems, this results in more frequent maintenance and higher costs. Operators are looking for electrification solutions that can run wear-free to help keep complex systems running. Likewise, in gate areas the key to efficiency is quick airplane turnaround. This depends in part on the ability of ramp personnel to quickly plug and unplug 400 Hz power. A key priority is to efficiently manage and protect expensive 400 Hz cables. Gate cables must be continuously accessible, yet properly stored when not in use. Aircraft systems powered from ground power sources save fuel and improve air quality at the airport.

In many areas of airport operation and in particular in the areas of baggage handling and 400 Hz cable management at gates, Conductix-Wampfler has several decade of experience. Our global sales network means we are close to our airport customers and can provide the level of service needed by airport operators.

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