Although amusement park visitors are likely unaware, many of the rides they enjoy are powered by electrification systems mounted on or near the moving parts. Resistant and reliable electrification systems are needed to keep rides such as Ferris wheels, carousels, dark rides, free-fall towers, and the latest thrill rides running continuously.

As always, safety, is priority no. 1 for Power Flex and therefore we only offer electric components which operate with the highest degree of safety, whether the rides a located inside or outside, or even run underwater.

Power Flex and Conductix-Wampfler offers many years of expertise working closely with major amusement parks in Denmark. Our highly reliable solutions have been proven in not only Denmark, but the world’s busiest amusement parks. Our broad portfolio of products such as slip rings, conductor bars esc. allows us to offer solutions which meets the most unique needs and technical requirements, all with the maximum degree of safety in mind. Whether the amusement parks requires a standard product or customized solution, Power Flex will be able to give an expert opinion and come up with a solution that works.