DMX Fiber optisk kabeltromle

Optical Fibre Transmitter for Spring Reels in Stage Technology Thanks to its long experience in the power and data transfer applications, CONDUCTIX-WAMPFLER offers economic solutions to optimize the efficiency of your stage equipment. The compact optical fibre transmitter JTX is designed especially for our spring cable reels: • Integrates the evolutions of composite cables (power

Ethernet & power kabeltromle

Combined Power and Ethernet Spring Reel in Stage Technology Product Information Spring reel model SR40.X 3PA 3GD090 + 1Z030 with flange – PT = 5 To be equipped with 29 meters of RXP-D cable 5G6 sq mm + 2x (4x2xAWG26) c – CAT6 and assembled by Conductix-Wampfler such as below: – 26 total meters on